What do smartwatches have to offer?

by Isaac

The HONOR outdoor smartwatch is one of the best smartwatches in the market. A smartwatch is a portable device, also known as a wearable computer that comes in watch design. It comes with a touchscreen that displays more than just the time of the day. They are usually associated with a smartwatch app that helps to manage the feature of the smartwatch. In this write-up, we look at some incredible features of smartwatches. 

Features of smartwatches

Below are some features that most, if not all smartwatches like the HONOR outdoor smartwatch have in common;

1. Telling Time

One of the primary and most obvious features of a smartwatch is telling time. Smartwatches go the extra mile of telling the date and the day of the week. Most smartwatches also have a stopwatch and alarm elements. Its also worth noting that with smartwatches, the settings have to be done through a mobile phone app. However, when it comes to brands like Apple, you can set features like the alarm directly on the watch without using your phone or mobile app. Others go as far as having in-built speakers that help with elements like alarms. That way, you do not have to only rely on vibration.

2. Showing notifications

Like mentioned earlier, smartwatches can be connected to other smart gadgets like your phone. By syncing your devices together, you can get notifications like emails, social media, and calendar reminders on your smartwatch. Additionally, you can get notifications from all apps on your phone, depending on your preference. However, you have select whichever app notifications you want to receive and leave some out. Therefore, even if you do not have to have your phone next to you to get important notifications.

Smartwatches can also notify you of incoming calls. If you have Bluetooth connectivity, you can answer the call on the watch. Then you have to answer your phone because the watches do not have mouthpieces. Note that all these features are only operational when your watch is connected to your smartphone via internet or Bluetooth. Lack of internet connection means that the phone and watch sync is not active.

3. GPS and navigation

Most smartwatches have GPS features as well. This feature provides information like your location. Some, especially running watches, have additional elements like recording heart rate, mileage, activity levels, and other beneficial features.

With a smartwatch, you can also tell your direction and use it as a map. They feature an arrow that will point you to the direction that you are going to. All you have to do is set the location where you want to go, and the watch will act as your guide. Some go the extra mile of producing a vibration each time you make a wrong turn or when you have to make a turn. This element would be very beneficial for travelers and tourists.

4. Record keeping

Smartwatches also help keep track of the hours of sleep you have had, your blood pressure, and heart rate. But, all this depended on whether you have commanded them to do so through settings.


Smartwatches are not just a fancy device to help you tell time, listen to music, and get notifications. They are also quite beneficial to your health. By taking and keeping records of elements like your heart rate, a smartwatch can literally save your life in case of a heart attack.

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