Molarity and Molarity Calculator

Molarity and Molarity Calculator-How it Affects you

by Isaac

A molarity calculator is a useful tool for scientist which is used for the calculation of several scientific chemical equations. It is used to calculate the following:

  • The mass a compound is requires to have to prepare a solution that has a known concentration and known volume.
  • The volume a solution is required to have to enable it to dissolve a compound with known mass to acquire the desired concentration
  • The concentration a solution has from a compound with a known mass in a specific volume.

When calculating the molarity of a solution, the formula used is

Molar Mass= Concentration x Volume x Molecular Weight

The mass is in grams, the concentration of the solution is in moles per liter, the volume is in liters and the molecular weight is in grams per moles.

To understand how to solve the equation, you must understand the terms used accurately. This article would define the meaning of each term used in the formula.

Molar Mass

The molar mass of a compound is said to be the mass that a sample of that particular compound is divided by the amount of substance that can be found in that sample which is usually measured in moles. The mass is not a molecular property of that substance rather, it is just an average of the compound.

How to calculate

Molarity and Molarity Calculator

To get the molar mass of an element, all you have to do is divide the moles by gram. When given a question involving the molar mass, you would be given a value in moles which you would divide against the mass( in grams) of an element.

The concentration of a solution

The concentration of a solution is simply the amount of solute that can be found in a specific quantity of solution. The concentration is most times represented by molarity which is said to be the number of moles in a solute in 1L of a solution.

How to calculate

The formula for calculating the concentration of a solution is C=m/v. Where c is concentration, m is the mass of the dissolved solute and v is the volume of the solution. All you need to have is the values of the mass and the volume and you get your answer easily.


Simply put, the volume is a total of all the volume of a solute in 1 litre.

How to calculate

To calculate the volume of a solution, the formula is V= M/C

Where m is the mass and c is the concentration of the solution. When asked to find the volume of a solution, you would be given the mass and concentration or you would be given values that would help you find either the concentration or the mass which would make the division easier.

Molarity and Molarity Calculator

Molecular weight

The molecular weight is defined as the sum of the atomic weights of atoms found in a molecule. It is usually used to find the stoichiometry which occurs in chemical reactions. The best way to calculate it precisely is by using a molarity calculator. With it, you can never go wrong.


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