Four common types of bathtubs

by Isaac

Bathtubs also go by the names baths or tubs. A tub is, therefore, a large or small container in which water is kept for bathing animals or human beings. Tubs are curved from different forms of materials, including acrylic, porcelain, fiberglass, or cast iron. Bathtubs usually are installed in bathrooms, next to the shower. Baths can also be found in spas where they are used for therapeutic or medicinal purposes. For better functioning, bathtubs feature overflow and waste drains that allow for proper drainage. There are several types of tubs all available in bathtub bunnings. The main differences between the types lie in the areas of design and location.

Types of bathtubs

  • Undermount bathtubs

Undermount bathtubs are attached to the underside of the counter as opposed to the top. The rim of an Undermount tub usually is covered and made of stone or tile. The baths are also customarily positioned on a floor structure or a supportive deck. Undermount bathtubs typically are made of a variety of materials, including tile, granite, stone, or wood. The sizes of the tub also can vary depending on the preferences of the user and other features. Other benefits of Undermount tubs are that they are easy to maintain, reliable, and durable.

  • Walk-in bathtubs

Walk-in bathtubs are the most suitable tubs for users with mobility challenges. These types of baths feature high chairs for the comfort of the users. Additionally, walk-in bathtubs have bars on which the users can grab for stability. Another essential feature of walk-in bathtubs is that they have several jets that are used for pain relief for users suffering injuries. The tubs, therefore, combine the convenience element as well as the therapeutic elements such as pain relief. Having a walk-in bathtub does not limit you from also having a traditional bath for other family members.

  • Drop-in bathtubs

Drop-in bathtubs also go by the name built-in bathtubs. The tubs usually are mounted to an existing surround. A standard drop-in tub features a lifted edge and two sides made of unique or underlying materials. High edged drop-in tubs typically come with cabinets on the corners. The cabinets are used for the storage of a variety of items. Unlike most types of baths, drop-in tubs are not costly and very easy to install.

  • Hot Tub

Hot tubs are the most costly types of bathtubs. The average cost of a hot tub lies between five thousand dollars and eight thousand dollars. The main feature of a hot tub is that it promotes maximum relaxation and therapeutic relief. Hot tubs typically are coupled with walls made of tiles, floors made of marble, and luxurious windows. In other words, hot tubs are a symbol of luxury.

Take Away

There are several other types of bathtubs. These types include freestanding tubs, corner, Japanese, alcove, claw foot, jetted tubs, and several others. Freestanding tubs are the most common types of bathtubs in the market. Drop-in tubs are also standard as all members of the family can use them.

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