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Tips For Selecting Calacatta Kitchen Slab

by Isaac

Calacatta quartz is one of the most desirable kitchen countertops today. Durable and easy to combine with various kitchen designs, the countertop will easily stun anyone with a clean white shade coupled with gorgeous veining. The material is also ideal for kitchen countertops, waterfall islands, as well as backsplashes in commercial and residential areas. Calacatta and Carrara quartz are two primary options to select from.

But most importantly, whichever brand you select from the two, you can never go wrong! Neutral but well defined, stylish, and elegant, the calacatta gold quartz is not just your possibility but an opportunity for a beautiful home coupled with a more functional kitchen. Read more to learn everything you should know about the famous Calacatta gold quartz. Discover the primary differences between Carrara and Calacatta and then learn how to make a distinction between the slabs. Other than that, get inspired by the beautiful kitchen designs that feature Calacatta kitchen countertops for your remodel projects. Here is everything you should know when choosing the best calacatta kitchen slab.

Understanding Calacatta Quartz

Calacatta quartz is a thick gorgeous veining countertop with a pristine background. It has a powerful yet dramatic veining that quickly creates a significant luxurious feel in any kitchen. It also has slabs that provide a natural look of actual calacatta marble kitchen countertops coupled with a beautiful look. Rest assured that this quartz is perfect and superior for kitchens. It also makes a durable and stain-resistant surface. These features enhance the functionality of the kitchen countertop.

calacatta quartz countertops

Options of Calacatta Quartz

Professionals in the market create slabs that mimic the look as well as the feel of marble kitchen countertops. Calacatta gold quartz is an innovative interpretation of actual marble tops. It has a playful, elegant gold veining that looks ideal for your kitchen countertop. It is also inspired by Italian marble coupled with a reinvention for a notable improvement as well as an upgrade. If you aspire to embellish your kitchen with the Calacatta quartz, we encourage you to take a look at the full slabs before anything else (like fabrication). 

Unique Dimensions and Surfaces

Unique looking, the Calacatta gold quartz will definitely take your breath away. It has an impressive and clean background coupled with deep-body veins to enable you to spruce your kitchen countertop. Its luxurious look is pretty easy to maintain, and it is convenient for kitchen and bathroom countertops in commercial and residential sectors. The material is also ideal for flooring and wall coverings. It comes in unique slabs of up to 3 cm coupled with a beautiful polished finish. The premium Calacatta gold quartz slab is exceptionally resistant to chipping. As a result, it will not require sealing at any point in time.

In Closing

Calacatta slab is highly south after. It is also inspired by the prominent yet luxury of the real Italian marble. The material represents the fundamental nature of marble looking quartz kitchen and bathroom countertops with the warm, soft gold nature it has. The refined veining is durable. This makes it just right for busy families.


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