Why You Should Or Shouldn’t Get A Clear Purse

by Isaac

Clear purses are becoming a sensation in the women’ fashion world. They are made either entirely of see-through material or, in part, transparent and part opaque material. Typically, the whole body is see-through, and the straps are not. Models on notable fashion shows have been spotted donning the trendy handbag. A small clear purse can make your outfit go from a plain ol’ 4 to a perfect 10. Want to make a fashion statement and appear bold at your dinner date tonight? Grab the purse!

You may have seen a recent picture of one celebrity with this purse and loved it. You still can’t decide whether or not you should get one for yourself. Here are the benefits and setbacks of having a clear clutch bag.

a. Fors

1. The purse is waterproof

The see-through bag is made of plastic. Plastic does not allow penetration of water. Rainy season? You’re covered. Well, the contents of your purse, at least.

2. Freedom of fashion

Having the see-through purse cops you an endless sea of fashion freedom. Can’t find a purse to match your bright-orange pantsuit? The clear bag is here.

The transparent purse calls all your color-coordinating problems to an end. Want to wear those rugged jeans, but your favorite silver clutch seems too bland a companion? Wear a clear purse!

3. Easy retrieval of items

Have you ever had to spill every content of your purse trying to find a coin? Or your lipstick? Sometimes your pen cap! The glassy bag puts an end to that dull task. You can nearly spot every item in your pouch at a single glance.

4. Strong material

The pouch bags usually come in strong, puncture-resistant materials. For very high-quality bags, the film isn’t easily penetrable even when struck with a knife.

b. Against

Here’s why you may want to reconsider buying a clear bag.

1. No secrets

As some users described, the clutch bag is a walking version of “Hey, see me! Look at me!” I couldn’t help but notice a lady’s half-eaten apple through her purse today at the subway! This con is inevitable. Well, unless you want to put your items in small pocket size shopping back before tossing them inside the glassy purse. If you have to do that, you might as well leave the purse home.

How are you supposed to carry your pocket knife without everyone noticing?

2. Prone to damage

The transparent part of the purse is made of plastic. Plastic is a delicate material that is easily destructible. Neither can it stand too much heat.

A few scratches, and it looks as old as ten years. A permanent marker will cause permanent damage to the bag. Furthermore, plastic is highly flammable. Yes, indeed, it isn’t likely to catch fire, but it burns like paper when it does.

3. Damage to contents

If you’re used to carrying around products sensitive to light and heat, the clear clutch bag may not be for you. You don’t want your lip balm melting and soiling your bag’s interior. Other items that are sensitive to both elements may not react well upon exposure.

Final Thoughts

I hope the pro-con balancing above helps you decide. An extroverted style-guru will find a way with it while an introvert who loves a private life may feel invaded walking around with a clear purse.

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