What makes Calacatta quartz kitchen stand out

by Isaac

Calacatta quartz is a type of quartz that is manufactured to look like calacatta marble. It consists of a white background with thick grey or gold veins.

While marble is a desirable stone because of its color and decorations, most homeowners and builders avoid using it in the kitchen. This is because marble is more porous and can be damaged by acid in liquids and food.

The best alternative is the marble lookalike. Here is where the calacatta quartz kitchen comes in. It can be used to make a kitchen countertop. You will get the same look as the calacatta marble, but more durable and resistant to scratching and acids.

To make quartz countertops, the ground quartz mineral is combined with resin. The result is a durable stone that is less porous, lighter, and strain proof.

In this case, calcatta quartz kitchen looks just like calcatta marble but more durable and easy to clean.

Here are more facts about calacatta quartz kitchen.

Have Repeated Pattern

Since the quartz is manufactured, you can get a repeated pattern to use for the décor. So if you have a large project and you want matched kitchen countertops then calacatta quartz is more desirable.

Requires Little Maintenance

Now that the calacatta quartz is not porous, it is scratch resistant and it is stain proof, it doesn’t require a lot of maintenance, unlike the calacatta marble. You do not need to seal it. Just clean it with water and soap, and it will remain shiny for years.

This makes it ideal for the kitchen.

Has Aesthetic Qualities

Calacatta quartz is attractive and can be used as a statement piece. Its colors blend seamlessly with the rest of interior décor. As such, you will find it on the hallway floors, countertops, kitchen, bathroom, and on the wall.

When you use it, you can make your kitchen stand out.


One of the features that make calacatta quartz desirable is its durability. Since it is manufactured by blending resins with quartz, the final product is durable and doesn’t crack.

And it is not damaged by pressure. It cannot break or crack under pressure. However, if you exert a heavy impact near an edge, it can crack.

Doesn’t Stain nor Scratch

Quartz is durable and doesn’t stain or scratch. You don’t have to worry about staining your countertop if you place an acidic item on it. Also, it doesn’t scratch even if you cut something on it. However, do not use a knife directly and always use a cutting board to cut food.

Considering that a kitchen is a busy place, you don’t have to worry about damaging your countertop with scratches or stains.

However, avoid using bleach, heavy-duty cleaners, and heavy scrubbing since they may damage the quartz.

You Can’t Use It Outside

Calacatta quartz and any other type of quartz are only suitable for indoor use. The reason behind it is that the resins are not stable if exposed to UV rays. Also, it should not be used near fire or where there is radiant heat to prevent damaging the surface.

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