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4 Steps For Validating Product Pricing On 1688.Com

by Isaac

In our initial series of online retailing and outsourcing, we highlighted the basics and advantages of outsourcing products from 1688.Com, a reliable premier database for Chinese products. We learned that the platform could quickly provide the same products on various channels, with Alibaba being one of the best examples. Here is how you can use the platform for validating product pricing on 1688.Com. To achieve this, you must work with the best 1688 buy agent in china.

Now that you’ve found your product as well as supplier, how will you get the ideal pricing from various Chinese manufacturers? You definitely have several choices, such as Alibaba and our best option, which is 1688.Com. In this blog post, we are focusing our discussion more on how to use 1688.Com to acquire products.

While almost everyone is familiar with how Alibaba conducts its business when it comes to outsourcing products from reliable Chinese suppliers, just a few people are familiar with the operations of 1688.Com- this is a secure platform too. It outsources products at affordable prices. Even so, the main issue for most Amazon sellers is the ordering method of 1688.Com, especially for foreigners. Unless you can speak Chinese, then you may encounter challenges using the website to find a dress, pair of shoes, or any other product you may be seeking online. For that reason, you should invest in a sourcing agent.

Here, we recommend a reliable individual with extensive knowledge of ordering processes. On another note, we also have a hack that you should definitely use on the 1688.Com site. Let us check at some of the tips, shall we?

product on 1688

  1. Step 1– Understand the product type you are looking for. Here, you should conduct extensive research on the item. Use Black Boxes your software to garner useful information regarding the top picks for your product.
  1. Step 2-Locate a reliable source for that commodity you wish to order- There are plenty of sellers in 1688. Some have their preferred suppliers, particularly for some products. Others may utilize Alibaba specifically for the initial search of their ideal product. Here, you will find viable information regarding every product. It should include the price of every product. You should save the contact for future use. At the same time, you need to determine the right keywords to use since you will be searching for each product type.   
  1. Step 3– You need a translator- In your browser, open a new tab. Click the translation tab that reads English to Chinese. If you prefer a different language, you should type it in place of English. The results should appear on the page. Thereafter, it would help if you typed the preferred keywords into your language box and then get your Chinese translation. There you go! You now have your product pricing in the language you understand.
  1. Step 4– Search better pricing by Com online- This should be the last step in finding your best price. Open a tab in your browser. Everything should be in Chinese. But the translator should give you the right information in your preferred language, as discussed in step 3. You must now be at a point you’re able to place your orders.

Take-Home is definitely one of the best online retail platforms in the world. You can quickly place your order and expect prompt delivery. With modern technology in this era, you can now successfully search for products from various manufacturers in various languages. We have disseminated critical information regarding how to achieve that in this article. Happy shopping!



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