Why You Should Use a Bolt Security Lock on Your Products

by Isaac

In products shipping arena, bolt seals are known for keeping the world together. The idea of growing cross order shipment is steadily rising, and vehicle/shipping line owners should now implement adequate security practices to mitigate the rise in risks of losses and contraband smuggling. These 2 concerns can potentially introduce precarious elements into the world’s supply chain, in addition to theft and other issues impacting the trading world. So why should you invest in bolt security lock? 

According to research by the prestigious Bureau of Statistics in Transport, bolt seals hold the world together by providing enhanced security.

In Mexico and Canada alone, the use of bolt seals rose to 60 percent from 40 percent, equating to a rise of more than $75 billion.

The rise in theft rate and pilfering is definitely expected. In response, multiple shippers are utilizing the high compliant security platform to integrate their transit and payment systems across border shipments with high-value cargo as well as container door latches.

Why a High-Security Bolt?

If you are running a business that transports goods over cross-border lines, it’s vital to be in a position where you meet the highly-set security standards needed. Meaning, a high-security seal should be affixed to the loaded trailers.

Besides, bolt seals need to meet the current set security standards for a high-security seal.

Barrier high-security seals can easily be applied to trailer doors as well as intermodal containers. These security bolts are ideally perfect for trailers since they are easy to use as well.

Over and above, bolt seals are simple to use in several ways. This makes them a useful device for deterring theft. They can, therefore, be removed using cutters.

Previewing High-Security Bolts  

There are several experts on the market, offering a variety of bolt brands that indicate evidence of tampering, thereby making it easy to determine if unauthorized access to products has occurred. In order to make it possible, the Intermodal II coupled with a SnapTracker bolt seal is used to implement the following measures of security.

Consecutive numbering by high-security bolts- there are several bolt parts used in preventing theft and fraud by the replacement of not just the bolt but the body at times.

Other than that, the parts come with a special package making it easy to use as well as accurate in number tracking.

High impact plastic cover- the intermodal II bolt seal makes use of a reliable plastic material made to show evidence of tampering in several instances where there has been an issue.

Removed with cutters- immediately it is closed, the high-security bolt seal can be removed by cutting.

Here, it would be best if you had a cutter, and once it is done, the seal will be cut. It is definitely apparent that the product secured has been tampered with.  

Final Thoughts

This guide has disseminated information regarding bolt security locks and their applications in the commercial and domestic sectors. If you are a business professional regularly transporting goods, then this is the right podium for you. As highlighted above, bolt security seals are highly effective when it comes to safeguarding your property.

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