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What you need to Know About Document Cameras

by Isaac

Document cameras are gaining popularity, especially in the teaching field. People are starting to understand what they are and how they function. Their structure has evolved over time from being bulky to lightweight devices, allowing for portability and movement from one point to the other. The available types vary slightly like the WIFI document camera, which functions like similar devices but use WIFI remotely. Though used in school often, document cameras are used in other settings like offices, homes, and medical offices. We look at facts about document cameras down below.

Facts About Document Cameras

Document cameras have a very good reputation since they were introduced in the market. We look at some facts that describe them and make them as good as they are.

1. How Do Document Camera Operate

An object is placed underneath the document camera, and it takes a picture of it. The picture produced is live and can be viewed by several people at once. Each type of document camera allows a certain number of objects and forms placements. Some focus on anything below them, while others only allow two or three-dimensional items to be placed in front of the camera. Some document cameras have been mounted on ceilings to create more room for the operation and projection of photos.

2. What are the Types of Document Cameras?

There are three major categories of document cameras, but there are so many models and brands. The three main groups are;

a. Small Lightweight Type

This type is portable and requires little effort to move from place to place. It is ideal for you if you are mostly working from different areas and carrying it along with you.

b. Large and Bulky Type

They are also known as desktop document cameras. They are sturdy but difficult to move around with, unlike the lightweight model. It is ideal for use in lecture halls, conferences, etc.

c. Visualizers

They are usually mounted on ceilings over a table or podium. They display large or magnified objects to people. All the technology, wiring, or any other accessory is fitted in the ceiling. The document cameras are suitable for use in telecommuting and videoconferencing.

3. Uncommon Options to Consider When Choosing Document Cameras

There are those common options that most people focus on when shopping for a document camera. Some include; compatibility with other devices., price, lighting, and portability. However, the following factors are not mentioned often, but they are important.

  • Ability to zoom in and out
  • WIFI enabled
  • An automated system for easy and straightforward use
  • Cameras and sensors with varying qualities
  • Webcam, microphone and scanner features
  • Individual power settings

4. Where Can Document Cameras be Used?

These devices can be used in many places, provided they are handled properly and work well. Such places include;

  • Education institutions like schools and colleges
  • Science and dental laboratories
  • Corporate meetings
  • Courtrooms


We can now understand what document cameras are, how they work, the different types and where they can be used. Document cameras are convenient and efficient and save time but displaying small objects to a huge audience. Before getting yourself one, consider the tips above to get the best device.

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