Why all manufacturers should take on bulk printing

by Isaac

Over the years, the world of digital printing has continued to improve. Thanks to Bulk Printing, we no longer live in an era where a task as simple as printing involved many steps and consumed a lot of time.

With bulk printing, manufacturers have also been able to get their products across to their customers using 3D printers. While bulk printing is preferred by most customers, on-demand printing is slowly also creeping back into contention.

Both methods can print identical quality. The difference is in the workflow and the order process. Both methods of printing have their advantages and limitations.

Choosing which method to go for would depend largely on the size of the project.

Advantages of Bulk Printing

As the name implies, this type of printing involves printing fixed quantities on a schedule. This method of printing is best for large companies that are often in need of products in large quantities.

The major advantage of bulk printing has over the other type of printing is low-cost and quick turn-around times. It is also easy to apply inkjet, laser, and other methods of printing.

Limitations of Bulk Printing

With bulk printing, designs are limited. Finishes such as metallic graphical or Iridescent may look attractive in a software program but wouldn’t look so appealing after it has been printed.

Another disadvantage is that some printing firms employ personnel that is not versatile enough. These employees may not know how to apply every technique required for every print project.

Advantages of On-demand printing

Here’s one reason why on-demand printing is so popular in companies today- it cuts down cost. Companies can avoid wasting materials on products that might not be sold immediately.

It’s also generally very efficient. Most manufacturing companies will also find it easy to store their products easily. Because they are on-demand, storage won’t have to be large and products won’t spend a lot of time in their hands.

Drawbacks of on-demand printing

Unlike bulk printing, on-demand printing will demand that you actually wait for orders from customers to come in. this might be a huge disadvantage if the customers want quick supply on a large quantity without a short time.

It will be nearly impossible to get everything you need within that time. That in turn means that you have a slow turnaround time. This can be a huge turnoff for customers.

So which one should I choose?

Still, wondering which one you should choose? If you are a manufacturing company, you’d definitely want to go with bulk printing. It allows you to expand your company without fuss, and also meet the demands of your customers.

However, if you are more of a small-scale business, you might be better off with on-demand printing. This gives you to save much-needed resources and make profits in the end.

Final Thoughts

It all comes to preferences and what suits your business. These tips above will help you to make the right decision when the time comes. We’re confident that you will do just that.

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