How to Spot a Good Street Light Manufacturer for Your Business

by Isaac

The solar street light market is quickly advancing. Since 2008, several companies have come forward as experts in street light manufacturing. But how would you know if the company can be relied on? In this blog post, you will learn more about top questions that can help you choose the right solar street light manufacturer for your business.

What lighting distributions do you have for the solar street light?

A Street light comes with a particular type of distribution. There is the type II and III distribution. However, the scenarios may not be the same. Perhaps you would like to invest in a rectangular V distribution since you are mounting the light in a relatively small entrance. So do other street light manufacturing companies come with the distribution type you prefer?

The distribution patterns of a solar street light allow you to use the lighting for certain tasks. Many of these distribution types can be used on single projects and roadways.

So depending on the number and type of lanes, sidewalks, as well as other additional features on the roadway, you can settle on any distribution. This helps to ensure that the coverage of the lighting on the street is even.

Are you offering battery backup? How much?

There are solar street light manufacturers that provide two to three battery backup plans that can be defined as terrible solar system design.  

Solar, being a natural source of light, does not offer security for only a day or two.

Sometimes, there will be several days with little to no sun. This may lead to excessive discharge in batteries, thereby, increasing the failure rates and the maintenance as well as replacement costs.

That said, providing about five nights of storage for different locations in colder climates can significantly reduce the operation as well as maintenance costs.

The extent of discharge from the battery has a negative impact on its body.

Also, keeping the discharge to about 20 per cent or slightly lesser amounts decreases the life span.

If you have two storages only, you will find it useful to replace the battery annually.

Describe your warranty coverage and customer service

A good solar street manufacturer should have a warranty. This is an important element of the whole package. Perhaps a one year warranty may not guarantee that the system shall make it to one year.

And because the system may last just a few years and not thousands of decades, you need to ensure that the company has a reasonable warranty period.

One that lasts about 25 years will cut down the impact of the project costs intensely.  

Another thing you need to look at is the company’s customer care. Is the department of customer service capable of responding to your problems in case a need arises?

Will they leave you hanging in the dark or provide viable information regarding the products you just purchased?

You can have an interactive session with the manufacturers of the solar product and then get references.  

Final Thoughts

Anyone can offer a service. However, there is a huge difference between service and confidence in service delivery. You should always check the facts before hiring a manufacturing company.

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