5 Reasons To Get The Services Of A Product Sourcing Agent

by Isaac

Product sourcing agents are a very crucial aspect in the international market arena. The best thing about product sourcing agents is that they allow sellers to source the right and most excellent suppliers. If you are wondering What is sourcing agent, then you should know that a sourcing agent is an individual or company that assists sellers in finding the correct supplier for their products.

In short, they are source providers that act in the third party capacity and will offer great help in gaining the best suppliers. This post will update you on five reasons to get the services of a product sourcing agent.

5 reasons to get the services of a product sourcing agent

1. Saves time

The best thing about getting the services of a product sourcing agent is that it saves you time. Time is money, and saving it means saving money. If you acquire the services of a sourcing agent, you will not spend a lot of time trying to search for the right supplier of the products you need. Also, you will not need to waste a lot of time on any briefing and negotiation as the sourcing agent will do it all for you.

2. Get briefing assistance

In most cases, sellers acquire products from foreign countries that speak different languages. The benefit of acquiring the services of a sourcing agent is that they will help you communicate your product specification easily. They can also conduct a brief on your behalf and according to your specification. Therefore, save you the hustle of briefing.

3. Negotiating assistance

Negotiating with people from foreign countries can be a little overwhelming, mainly due to the language barriers. Therefore, using the services of a local sourcing agent who has common knowledge of the local customs and local practices will be very beneficial. Another benefit of using a local sourcing agent is that they know of the local prices. Therefore they can help you get a better bargain on the product you need without compromising on the quality and specification you require.

4. Sourcing agent experience and network

If you acquire the services of a sourcing agent with many years of experience, you can rest assured of getting the best of products. Most sourcing agents have worked with several manufacturers in the industry. Therefore, over the years, they may have networked and received contacts of where to go in search of what products. The knowledge of which manufacturers are the best can easily ensure that you do not get easily duped.

5. Better prices

It is a standard element to find suppliers selling products at a very high price for foreign buyers. Using the local sourcing agent will ensure that you get better pricing for the products you require. The sourcing agent may get the products at an affordable price and offer them to you at a commission.


The reasons for working with a sourcing agent are many. The above are only a few. The world is now a global village. Therefore, one does not need to travel to foreign countries in order to get the products they require. Thus, the use of a sourcing agent bridges the gap between the suppliers and sellers.

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