Why Huawei Is An Independent Tech Company?

by Isaac

Huawei is undoubtedly the next big thing in the tech industry. There’s no surprise that the success was too unstoppable due to its willingness to innovate and establish unique products and services.

It’s something that new tech startups and other tech companies can learn from. While other smartphone brands are relying on other software providers like Google, Huawei has learned that making your own provider is possible.

Here is one of the reasons why Huawei can totally go solo.

Building An All-Huawei App Store

The Huawei AppGallery is pretty impressive since it only offers an all-Huawei designed apps for all the users. It’s unique because you don’t see it in Google Play Store or Apple App Store. It’s truly a customized touch from Huawei’s unique approach in providing something new to its users.

Its exclusivity provides more depth and curiosity to its users and even non users that can’t help but ask, what Huawei is really offering that other providers don’t. They have been launching its open ecosystem of beneficial tools such as the Account Kit, Message Kit, Location Kit, Analytics Kit, Wallet Kit and so much more to mention.

Offering equal opportunities to developers around the world

Huawei’s generosity is extended to all the novice and skilled developers that have the potential to elevate their AppGallery’s existing apps. Not only that, they keep on training them to deliver and launch apps that can truly help and assist its users.

The company has continuously organized certain programs to attract talented developers through camps, competitions and partnership programs. This year 2020, they opened the competition for HMS App Innovation Contest and the 2020 Digix AI Challenge. Surely in the next years to come, more and more exciting things await for all the talented developers.

Stepping up with HMS incentive program and app revenues

Just what we’ve mentioned earlier how Huawei offers equal opportunities to its developers, Huawei also made a major investment of $1 billion. This is to support Huawei’s on-going Ecosystem Incentive Program for its new and improved Mobile Services.

These allotted funds will be dedicated to its Growth, Marketing and Development Fund, to focus on how Huawei can smartly utilize the uses of their HMS tools and existing kits. They are now focusing on full-on marketing efforts to compete against other major app competitors such as Google Play Store and IStore.

On top of that, the company also prioritizes growing its app revenues to support the future projects. Huawei has set a target of 80/20 revenue split model effective this year until the coming years. A huge step that the company is making to elevate its own AppGallery and support the developers visions as well.

Its main goal is to attract and retain more developers in the company to design and build more apps in the AppGallery that can compete with its competitors. Although it’s quite a financial compromise, the company sees that as a leverage to invest on people that can help them succeed.

There’s no doubt that Huawei can surpass its set goals and can be fully independent when the right time comes. For now, let’s witness how they evolve as they search for more technological advancements for their mobile services.

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