How to Use a Fulfillment Service for your Subscription Box Business

by Isaac

A Subscription Business is an important step in the success of today’s industry. It is by far the best way to shop easily online.

Business giants, as well as new entrepreneurs, know that this technique is a proven method of enticing or attracting customers from around the globe into buying products online, in a fun and hassle-free way while making their business grow rapidly. These tools have been a stable financial model rooted in recurring monthly revenue which can be built around almost any niche – from tiny puzzles to beauty products, and so on.

When planning to take the most advantage of using this tool, you must be familiar with the steps to take before embarking on the new exciting method of growing your business.

So, let’s talk about how you should use a fulfillment service for your subscription box business. Keep on reading and discover more!

Step 1:     

Receive Inventories –

There are two options for this process. You can choose to receive and stock in-house or assign an e-Commerce order fulfillment outsourcer to take care of its stock and all the related tasks.

If your chosen e-Commerce company chose the first option, the company will be responsible for taking stocks, examining the inventory, labeling and managing the inventory system. However, if they choose to outsource products, the tasks will be handled by the order fulfillment partner or supplier.

Step 2:

Storage Inventories –

If you decided to handle the inventory yourself and put your items or goods in a warehouse, there will be another set of tasks you have to handle by yourself or your team.

Your role will ideally start after receiving the inventories. This usually includes shelving the inventory and keeping a close eye on what item comes in and out.

This method will help you ship orders without delay and keep your good standing to your customers.


Step 3:       

Order Processing –

In this process, there are yet another 2 options in which you can choose from what suits you best. For example, businesses that outsource order fulfillment usually save time by not going into the process of nitty-gritty disadvantages of order processing.

Why is that? This is because the process for this technique usually is as simple as passing on the order request to their partner while letting them handle the rest.

On the other hand, things are a bit different for companies that manage their inventories. First, they have to pick up orders from the shelf, transport it to a packing station, inspect for any damages, box and move the item to the shipping station.

Step 4:    

Order Shipping –

Depending on the size, weight, and volume of the order, each order must meet some specific requirements and be determined before fully heading towards the shipping process. In this case, a third-party carrier is usually contracted for the completion of this step.

Step 5:     

Returns and Handling –

This method is important for online buyers because the ability to easily return items that did not meet their expectation is a must-have as far as online consumers are a concern.

To ensure that the above processes discussed are fulfilled to the last detail, each company should complete important steps such as receiving, replacing and refunding of the returned items efficiently and respond quickly to any inquiries from the customers.

Instructions and guidelines should also be crystal-clear for consumers to understand. Consumers and staff should benefit from easy access programs pre-designed on your store or website. Fulfilling this step will help you avoid unnecessary chaos and errors.

Fulfillment Service


Handling a fulfillment service (click here) for your subscription box is a fun and easy way to show your customers greater benefits in trusting and choosing your business. It will serve as a niche that will help you grow rapidly while gaining profits and income and earning a great status in your chosen field of business strategy.


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