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Six paraffin wax benefits you should know

by Isaac

Fully refined paraffin wax is obtained from crude oil as the process of light lubricating oil production takes place. It is made up of hydrocarbon molecules mixture that contains 20 to 40 carbon atoms. However, there are various paraffin wax benefits, hence making it applicable in multiple fields. In this article, we shall discuss some of the common uses of paraffin wax.

  1. As fruits and vegetable preservative

Unquestionably, most fruits and vegetables are highly perishable. However, keeping them fresh for a prolonged period is one of the paraffin wax uses. When you dip your vegetables or fruits in melted food-grade wax, the moisture loss is slowed down, thus making them stay fresh for a more extended period. It is an easy and affordable preservative measure.

  1. To make candles

Similarly, paraffin wax can also be used to make paraffin wax candles. The wax in question is odorless and colorless, hence making it suitable for creating scented candles. Also, paraffin wax candles burn more reliably and cleaner, and they are also brighter compared to other candle types. If you would wish to make similar candles, you can search for various tutorials from the internet on how to make candles.

paraffin wax

  1. To reduce friction

Indisputably, apart from friction causing wear and tear, it also causes some difficulty in opening and closing of windows and drawers, among other things. However, paraffin cream is a perfect lubricant when rubbed over the drawers’ slider. Besides, it assists windows in closing and opening smoothly, when a bar of wax is run over the tracks.

  1. It can be used for waterproofing

Waterproofing is one of the industrial uses of wax. Therefore, since paraffin wax is water resistance, various production companies use it to coat their products and prevent them from being easily destroyed by water. For instance, wood, matches, and bottles companies use the substance in question top coat their products.

  1. Used for feet and hand treatment

Also, paraffin wax for feet and hands treatment is essential in softening them. If you would like to use this technique to soften your hands and feet, you should dip them in a low-temperature wax bath. After roughly ten to fifteen minutes, the wax will have worked on the body parts in question and softened them.

  1. It can be used as bottle seals

Arguably, most individuals might be wondering what is paraffin wax is used for industries that use battles to package their products. However, the wax in question forms a fantastic bottle seal. To use it as a seal, you need to melt the wax, apply some sellotape around the bottleneck, and dip the bottle into the wax. The sellotape is used to enable you to break the wax seal with ease when opening.

In conclusion,

Paraffin wax is essential in many industrial and home uses. There are several paraffin wax benefits such as making bottle seals, hands and feet treatment, for waterproofing purposes, to reduce friction, to make candles, and as fruits and vegetable preservatives. Therefore, you should consider using the wax for home uses.


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