Tecno Phones Prices in the Current Mobile Market

by Isaac

Tecno mobile phones today are among the leading figures concerning top notch android phone. But what makes Tecno mobiles stand out is their customer-friendly prices. Some might argue that some Tecno products have high prices.  

The price of a more recent Tecno mobile phone might be high at first glance. But if you compare Tecno prices and other android prices, a pattern appears. You would observe that most (if not all) of the Tecno mobile products would be considerably cheaper. The Tecno phone prices are easy to meet.

Moreover, it is relatively common knowledge that there are lots of series under the Tecno mobile phone brand. However, a fun fact you probably did not know is that some of these series are cheaper than others. It does not matter how recent a new Tecno phone is if it belongs to a particular series it probably has an upper limit.

We will start from the relatively less expensive series and work our way down to the most expensive ones.

First, we have POP series. The phones here are usually quite affordable. This does not mean that the phones are subpar. These phones are perfect for those who are not quite adept at using mobile phones. They are easy to use and perform the basic functions of a mobile phone as well as any other phone. The price range hers is 20, 000 naira to about 50, 000 naira. All the phones in the series cannot be listed so just have the range in mind. But some examples are the POP 2F, the POP2 PLUS, POP2 POWER, POP 3, etc.

The next series would be the SPARK series. These phones all fall within a range of from about 30, 000 Naira to about 50, 000 Naira. Here we have the SPARK K7, SPARK K8, SPARK 3 Pro, SPARK youth and many more.

Then we have the POUVOIR series. This series is equally a bit low with regard to their prices. However, they are a bit more expensive than the POP series. The price range for the POUVOIR series is from 50, 000 Naira to about 80, 000 Naira. Examples are the Pouvoir 2 Pro and the Pouvoir3 Plus.

The next series will be the Tecno CAMON series. This is one of the most advanced Tecno series currently. The mobile phones here range from as little as 48, 000 Naira to as high as almost 92, 000 Naira. The phone here includes CAMON 11, CAMON 15, the CAMON 15 Pro, CAMON 15 Premier, CAMON 12 Air, CAMON CX, CAMON CX Air among others.

Last but not least, we have the Tecno Phantom series (yeebia). Now, these phones are the real deal-breakers. They could be said to be the best Tecno has to offer (for now) in the mobile phone industry. The range is from 60, 000 Naira to as high as 160, 000 Naira. Here we have the Phantom 6 (150, 700 Naira), Phantom 8 (60, 500 Naira) and Phantom 9(90, 000 Naira).

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