Samurai Sword

Customize your very own Samurai Sword

by Isaac

Swords are simply epic. If you are reading this, you must have developed a certain fondness for the use of swords. Or for the Samurai swords themselves. You might have read of a great swordsman from a certain book whom you have grown to admire. Or there is this character who uses a sword from a movie or animation you watch. The character mentioned above uses a sword and whenever you recall some certain scenes, you feel the need to get a sword as soon as possible. Or, just maybe swords are a vital part of your culture. If so, that is truly intriguing.  For this article, we will focus on the Samurai sword. A few of its features and how you could get your very own today.

Most cultures that possess swords would tell you that it is a weapon meant to be used to protect whatever you deem to be precious and important to you. This is especially the case for Samurai swords. Some cultural folklore describes the sword as the “king of ten thousand weapons”. This is because swords are usually associated with uprightness and chivalry.  

Japanese Samurai swords are recognised as a result of the aesthetically pleasing air they convey. The Samurai swords could be described as being beautiful. Even the sharp edge seems to add a certain air of nobility to the sword. This feat of the Samurai sword is why the Samurai of old were viewed as people of honour and noble bearing. Most of the collected Samurai swords today are only collected as excellent works of art as well as to symbolize the spirit of the Samurai.

The Samurai sword or Japanese swords are recognised as part of the top three most famous swords in the world today. There are about four different classes of the Samurai swords distinguished based on size and length. The classes include Katana, Taichi, Wakizashi as well as Tanto.

With more than 2,500 years of tradition and culture, today Samurai swords are still in production. The production of the Samurai sword is in itself an art. Today there are quite a lot of counterfeits. But some still hold on to the “old ways”; the proper ways of making a Samurai sword. The selection of the metal, melting it down and forging the sword, the quenching process, everything needs to be done properly. If you are a sword enthusiast then no doubt, you would want to respect the art. The whole process is part of the Samurai culture. For this to be done properly a professional is needed.

In Japan, this professional sword maker is referred to as a swordsmith or just a blacksmith. Today in addition to making new Samurai swords, these swordsmiths can customize one to fit your specific needs (get one from . It is similar to having a sword forged for a warrior. The color of the handle, the thread, the length of the blade and even the Tsuba are all parameters that can be altered to meet your requirements.

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