Rugged Tablets

Rugged Tablets – a lifesaver for some businesses

by Isaac

Technology advances very quickly and we are all getting used to changing our tablets, phones and computers rather quickly. However, most frequently, we wouldn’t even change our gadgets if they weren’t so sensitive – one little drop and our favorite gadget is either scratched or broken. Then again, if you spend a lot of time backpacking, camping, traveling, working in construction and other industries, then maybe can offer a perfect solution for you in a form of rugged tablets.

1. Durable rugged tablets are a must-have

If you are working in construction or power maintenance industries as well as mining, durable tablets are the only technology that can survive the rough working conditions as well as terrible weather conditions.

Durable tablets for construction are mostly used by engineers because they keep a lot of sensitive data and a regular tablet wouldn’t survive the dust or even a small fall. Some other industries can survive on semi rugged tablet systems because they don’t work in some extreme conditions. However, apart from their durability, rugged tablets are also knows for their toughness and fast operating systems.

Apart from being dust IP resistant and being able to work in harsh environment, these rugged tablets are waterproof as well and can, therefore, be used in industries that rely on water such as oceanography. Their battery life is amazing which makes them pretty convenient for backpacking and camping.

Rugged Tablets

2. Which rugged tablets are better – Android and Windows?

When choosing rugged tablets, we usually pay attention to the operating system because we want a device that can be easily used, which mean the device that is simple with a quick access to data. No one wants to click a lot of times to make a simple change in a document.

  • Windows rugged tablets

Rugged tablets with Windows systems are the most common ones because Windows is what you normally use on a PC. Therefore, having a tablet with the same operating system makes it easier to connect the devices and share some documents and other data.

What makes these rugged tablets unique is the fact that they have sun-visible screens that allow you to work outside in the daylight without running around and looking for some shade. What’s more, they have a RFID function which is much appreciated by the people working in logistics and warehousing.

In addition, it is also important to say that rugged tablets with Windows systems come in different sizes so you can choose a 10” one or a 7” one.

Rugged Tablets

  • Android rugged tablets

It is difficult to find the best rugged tablet out there because the competition is vast, however, if you don’t prefer Windows, then you should consider some Android rugged tablets. If you are a fan of an Android operating system, then you will be happy with a tablet that runs one too.

What’s more, there is a wider choice of screen sizes compared to the ones that run on Windows, so you can choose a 7”, 8”, 10” and 12” tablet.

No matter which one you choose at the end you will not make a mistake because having a rugged tablet while working in the industry or camping a lot in the wild is truly a lifesaver.


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