Is Geo-Fencing Essential for Your Business?

by Isaac

In the business world, a Huawei location system geofence refers to a virtual perimeter used to cover a real-world geographic location. The fence can be dynamically generated or predefined to set boundaries. The application of a geofence in any industry is known as geofencing, with one ideal example being its use as a location-aware device. The activity can trigger a quick alert to the users of the device while messaging the geofence operator. The information, which may contain the device’s location, can be sent to a cell phone or email account.

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Types of geofencing

Using practical applications for different industries, geofencing refers to a practice used in creating virtual perimeters in particular environs.  

Using GPS solutions in the design process of various areas for certain purposes, it is a modern technology used in tracking people’s movement as well as notifying who needs to know who is going somewhere and when.

In the security sector, if properly integrated with a radio dispatch solution, geofencing will enable an operator to see employees get through restricted zones.

For instance, when a miner wants to blast an area, then a dispatcher will receive a form of notification.

From that moment onward, the individual will be capable of sending a text message instructing the professional to leave the zone.

Additional benefits of the system are wide-ranging.

But, to get a better idea of how an organization can benefit from the application of geofencing, then it is worth taking a close look at some of the leading applications.

Types of geofencing

The Blast Zones- regardless of a recent downturn, the industry of resources is a significant region of Australia’s economy. You can spend time on mining operations and see or hear potential hazards.

When blasting time approaches, then you will have to be sure that people are not in the zone. In that case, a geofence can be used to alert people.  

Yard and Site – if your business involves contractors who transport supplies and equipment from a yard to a worksite, then designing a geofence will allow you to track the user’s movement within the area.

For instance, a truck returning heading to the yard for a fill-up before drop off would be tracked using a geofencing system.  

Speed Limiting – then, there are heavy industrial areas like mine sites where you should not exceed a particular speed limit. Here, a geofence will track speeding incidents while assisting you to send viable warnings where necessary.

Over and above, you can set different speeds, thanks to the option that allows users to customize their preferences.

In case someone is registered when speeding, the activity will be stored in the slot for events log, thereby allowing supervisors to look in history and identify repeat offenders.

Final Thoughts

There you go. These are three of the significant examples of how geofences will benefit your company. So, if you need one type of system or a variety, then you can always work with an expert to obtain one and include it in your business.


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