How to Use Huawei’s Joint Operations Feature

by Isaac

Huawei’s AppGallery has recently collaborated with its talented and genius developers to concoct new apps and services that are capable of easily accessing data reports, activity operations, and user operations.

This new collaboration was made possible through maximizing the use of online paid apps and in-app purchases from its users. Pretty smart and strategic, right?

What Makes the Joint Operations Stand Out?
1. Easy Access Worldwide

Huawei has become powerful in the tech industry and has been distributing its products and services throughout the world as long as there’s an internet connection available. Huawei AppGallery ensures that a well-detailed and accurate algorithm is being observed to have fair and well-collated recommendations from its users. These data are then used to improve their products and services to enhance user experience and satisfaction.

2. Backed up with Highly Competent Developers

The Huawei AppGallery has the purpose of gathering its product’s information that focuses on accounts, data analysis, payments, and so much more. Every app goes through a strenuous review for 48 hours before it becomes available from the public’s eye. Rest assured that the company only collaborates with top-notch developers that help its users improve their digital way of life. Also, this protects users from any fraudulent activities or scams that can harm our information.

3. Surrounded with a Talented and Professional Team

Huawei does not compromise quality and customer service. Its dedicated and competent team is there to assist and satisfy its users 24/7. Other than that, the joint operations team has focused on supporting the app operations as well to ensure that all apps are running smoothly, and all concerns are addressed and resolved accordingly.

4. Impressive Marketing Collaterals

Huawei doesn’t play when it comes to digital marketing. They have a dedicated team that is focused on promoting an array of online and offline activities that could spark interest from its users. The good thing about their strategy is that they’re not only focused on selling but also adding value by providing helpful information to its users.

5. Stepping-up In-app Purchases

Making payments for certain app features, advancements, and other value-added services are now made easier through its one-stop-shop feature. All the purchases made through the app can now be easily tracked and moderated.

How to collaborate with Huawei?
· Step 1 Submit your application (app proposal) and wait for the Huawei Team’s advice.

· Step 2 Once the application has been approved, a contract signing will commence for the joint partnership. You will then have access to the account, payment, etc.

· Step 3 Your approved app will be reviewed once more before it will be released to the users.

· Step 4 Once the app goes live, you will start receiving recommendations, joint operations activities, and so much more.

· Step 5 Through the use of Huawei’s algorithms, your app will be reviewed through app downloads, usage, and in-app purchases, which are the basis for revenue sharing and settlement.

· Step 6 You will receive an invoice and benefits from Huawei, depending on how well the app is doing.

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