Custom Shopping Bags Wholesale

Where to Get Custom Shopping Bags Wholesale

by Isaac

Shopping bags (know more) are usually medium-sized bags that shoppers use to take their purchases home. Most shopping bags are designed to be reusable, but few are single-use and disposable. Custom retail shopping bags & pouches wholesale supply is a fast-growing, profitable business that serves retailers and companies.

Most businesses, however, prefer to order for custom shopping bags wholesale as a way of reducing cost and stress involved in making any purchases. Custom shopping bags could also enable companies and businesses to use color schemes, logos, and themes to promote their brand.

Small businesses that do not require so many shopping bags because of their customer base can smoothly go for retail shopping bags. For starters, they do not require wholesale shopping bags if they have very few customers patronizing them. More so, some local grocery stores do not need to use fancy grocery bags.

Buying Custom Shopping Bags Wholesale at a Glance from Zigpac

There is no better place to buy your shopping bags than from Zigpac because of their reasonable prices and reliability. With total annual revenue of US$2.5 million – US$5 million, this company has satisfactorily met the needs of numerous customers and retailers

Our varied shopping bags come with minimum order values like 1000, 100, and 500. Each one is reasonably priced and can be bargained until buyer and supplier arrive at a price they are both comfortable with.

So, on display are fancy shopping bags, laminated plastic bags, eco-friendly shopping bags, t-shirt handle shopping bags, carton shopping bags, oil-proof shopping bags, holiday season bags, plastic bags, and many other categories to pick from. The shopping bags have been proven to be of very high quality and can also be customized to suit your brand.

Custom Shopping Bags Wholesale

Here is a summary of some shopping bags on sale at Zigpac:

Pricing For Custom Shopping Bags Wholesale from Zigpac: In-depth

Wenzhou Zigpac Industry Limited is a manufacturing company that has been active since it was established in 2009. It has trained technicians and workers who are skilled in using their modern manufacturing equipment. Their trained employees can effectively produce high-quality complex handicraft products that meet both EU and US standards. Their shopping bags are made to last with high-quality assurance.

Shopping bags come in different sizes and designs, and this affects pricing. Also, the pricing for wholesale shopping bags from Zigpac can be bargained with the supplier depending on how many shopping bags are ordered for and the customizations needed.

What to Keep In Mind When Purchasing Custom Shopping Bags Wholesale

There are many questions you should ask yourself when you decide to purchase custom shopping bags. Issues relating to how the bags you choose should look, how they can promote your business and the type to select. Since customized bags can easily advertise your business, it should be included in your marketing plan.

Custom Shopping Bags Wholesale

Here are some of the things to keep in mind when you decide to purchase custom shopping bags:

Your product

For companies, products play a significant role in determining the kind of custom shopping bags you should buy. Stores that sell heavy items will require sturdy containers that will hold the products well. The reusability of the bag is also essential, so more people will get to know your brand name.

The businesses that sell small products like food items or cosmetics, it is better to use plastic bags. Brightly colored branded paper bags decorated with a bow would be nice to give to customers if you sell gift items. Your customers will gladly go home with their goods wrapped in one of the recycled luxury shopping paper bags you have in your store.

So, before placing an order for your custom shopping bags, you should be sure it will suit your product perfectly. Do not settle for just any bag if you want to keep your customers happy.

Custom Shopping Bags Wholesale

Your budget

Shopping bags should be part of your marketing plan, and therefore, there should be a budget for it. Shopping bags come in different levels to fit into whatever budget you have planned. You should, however, be careful not to go too cheap if you want to promote your brand. The amount you will spend on getting a shopping bag will depend on the level of customization and the type of bag.

To save cost on a new business, you may have to go for a less expensive bag with your name and that of your company printed on it. You can use a recyclable paper bag with customized branding to get people to know your business. Food packaging paper bag is an affordable shopping bag for small food companies.

When it is time for rebranding your business, your customers will expect you to rebrand your shopping bags as well. If you are sure people already know your name, you should concentrate on improving the quality of the pack.

Having established that shopping bags should be included in your advertising or marketing budget, you should make it attractive. Be sure to create a customized shopping bag that your current customers will love, and others will be attracted to.

Custom Shopping Bags Wholesale

Your business vibe

Consistency is critical when it comes to branding. You should stick to the same colors, themes, fonts, and logos. Every business has its vibe, and this should be maintained when buying custom shopping bags. If your company is a high-end one, the shopping bags you give out should also have a luxurious feel to it. You should not be running an elegant hotel and handing out the same plastic bags the local restaurant does.

Furthermore, the style and general theme of your shopping bag should go in line with the kind of product or services you render. If you run a hotel, your clients will feel better when they stroll out of your office with a shopping bag that has a cool poolside theme. A prominent real estate firm should give out paper bags that have landscapes to emphasize the business vibe.

Using the right shopping bags that enhance your business vibe will also motivate you to work harder towards building up your business.

Your target markets

Every business has a target market. The particular customers your business is targeting will determine the kind of bag you give out. For example, if your target markets are college students, you should consider market bags that are shiny and have educational tools designed on them. Students also love fashion and cars, so these could also be used.

However, you should be careful when merging your business theme with that of your target markets. You can maintain your company logo and contact on the side while showcasing models, superstars, or trendy stuff on the customized shopping bags.

Custom Shopping Bags Wholesale

Why It Is Better to Purchase Shopping Bags Wholesale

With the economy not being too stable, many businesses are trying to cut costs in any way possible without comprising quality and losing customers. Having established that retail shopping bags supply is a vital part of marketing your business, one way to make them fit into your budget is by buying them wholesale. Companies that buy and sell products are always looking for new ways to increase revenues and cut down costs.

Here are some of the reasons you should purchase shopping bags wholesale:

To save money using custom shopping pouches wholesale

Buying shopping bags in bulk is cheaper than buying them one by one. Wholesalers like Zigpac offer subsidized prices for orders that are above a certain quantity. For companies and retailers, this will save them a lot of money. More so, the cost of spending to buy 10 or 15 shopping bags at a time can be reduced when you order for 100 or more wholesale.

It also saves you the cost of transportation fees. With each order, you will have to pay for shipment, and this can make you spend more and probably exceed your budget. To avoid this, it is advisable you order wholesale.

Custom Shopping Bags Wholesale

To save time

If you buy in bulk, it also saves you a lot of time and offers you the advantage of making fewer orders from Zigpac.

When you purchase shopping bags wholesale, you replenish your stock. This means it will take some time before you run out of stock and need to reorder. A big shopping mall can decide to order for 10000 pieces of custom retail shopping bags wholesale supply to last them for about six months. For smaller businesses, the same number of shopping bags could last them up to a year. By ordering wholesale, you will not have to bother about making another order for a long time.

You will also not have to review the inventory of your shopping bags for a while if you buy wholesale. Your time can then be used for other things like expanding your business.

For uniformity of custom shopping pouches wholesale

Buying your shopping bags in bulk will ensure consistency of products. There are situations where you return to buy a shopping bag, and the material of the previous one is no longer in stock. This can result in you running around in search of the same material from another source. After finally getting the material, there may be noticeable differences in the theme, size, shape, or color. Retail shopping bags supply do not offer this flexibility.

If, however, your order for your shopping bags wholesale, you can have them customized at the same time. Uniformity also gives assurance of quality. This will ensure that they have a uniform design and style. For instance, you may place an order for 100,000 shopping bags from Zigpac stating the colors you want your bags to be in, the design and the size.

You can be sure to get exactly what you ordered for at the specified time. With such quantity, it may take another six months before you may need to reorder. At this time, you may need to rebrand your business and rebrand your packaging as well, so the order may change. Six months is a long time to ensure people recognize your brand through your shopping bags.

Custom Shopping Bags Wholesale

To encourage eco-friendliness

Product packaging usually uses a lot of carbon and energy that is not good for the environment. When you order wholesale, you save the environment by shrinking the ‘footprint’ of carbon and energy on the packaging.


Shopping bags are a must-have for small and big businesses alike. Although the quality of these bags may differ depending on the budget of the company, they are indispensable marketing tools. Shopping bags could be paper bags, plastic bags, reusable shopping bags, and biodegradable bags.

Ordering for your shopping bags in large quantity is cost-intensive and time-saving. Although retail shopping bags are still used locally, custom shopping bags wholesale remains the most preferred option for most businesses all over the world.  Shopping bags supply has increased immensely over the years because of the increase in demand.

Here at Zigpac, we offer a lot of fanciful shopping bags that can be available wholesale. You will find bags that will either match or complement your company brand. There are so many things to consider when you decide to buy shopping bags.

One of the best ways to conserve your money is by buying them wholesale. Buying shopping bags and custom shopping bags wholesale will save you time and money, primarily when you use Zigpac.


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