The Roles And Duties Of Sourcing Agents Or Companies

by Isaac

China sourcing agent, by JingSourcing, is one of the leading sourcing companies in China. The company works with hundreds of clients from around the world looking to import products from China. This post focuses on the roles of sourcing companies and how your company can benefit from them.

What is sourcing?

Before looking at the role of a sourcing company, it would be wise to define the term sourcing and what a sourcing company is. Sourcing is the process of acquiring products, raw materials, or services of an organization from its supplier. Therefore, a sourcing company helps clients acquire products from their suppliers. A sourcing company or agent may represent a single business owner, a company, or a group of companies in different locations.

Roles of sourcing companies

Below are some of the primary roles of sourcing companies;

1. Locating sources for products

The first role of a sourcing company is to locate the source of products and supplies needed by a business. This includes looking into various sources, comparing prices, and choosing the best one. A sourcing company or agent has to ensure that they meet the needs of the business. Therefore, if a business needs to save money, the sourcing agent’s role is to ensure that they do so by locating the most affordable products and supplies.

2. Negotiating with prospective suppliers

As mentioned earlier, a sourcing agent has to ensure they get the best prices on supplies. This means that they may have to negotiate with prospective suppliers and ensure that the client’s budgetary needs are met. They can do tis by working out discounts and other deals that a business may not achieve on its own.

3. Placing the order

Once the sourcing agent has chosen the best supplier, they also have to place orders. They do this on behalf of the business or company.

4. Collecting and shipping

After the order has been completed, a sourcing agent will also collect and oversee the shipping of the supplies. Before the products are shipped, the sourcing agent or company must scrutinize them to ensure that they are in great shape. The last thing they want is for the business to complain or ship back the products. Therefore, a sourcing agent will check the products carefully, ensure that they are packaged well, and meet all the client requirements. Afterward, the sourcing agent will also oversee the packaging process and shipping of the product.

Take Note

The work of a sourcing agent is only completed once the business has received its supplies in great shape. They also have to approve of the products. In case there are issues, the agent also has to oversee the return and replacement of the supplies.


Finding a good sourcing company can be critical to the thriving of your company. Whether you run a startup, small business, a chain of companies, or a thriving company, a good sourcing company will play a significant role in your success. Most of the time, when companies find a reliable sourcing agent, they maintain a business relationship with them for a long time. Such a relationship makes working easier.

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