Picking the Best Pico Projectors on the Market

by Isaac

Pico projectors are also referred to as handheld projectors, and they are companion products for different portable devices, including cameras, airplane food trays, and screen projectors. Pico projectors also use LED and laser light sources, which effectively eliminate the demand for lamp replacement over the life of a pico.

ASUS Pico Projectors

Our ASUS ZenBeam is one of the world’s leading USB pocket projector. Even though it is small to fit in your hands, it will deliver bright as well as crispy imagery of about 120 inches wide. This is when measured diagonally.

You can plug it in through a standard USB 2 connection or, better yet, the bundled USB type, which comes with a Type-C adapter. You can also start projecting from the mobile device. ZenBeam Go has a built-in rechargeable battery that provides about five hours of viable projection time. You will enjoy up to 6 hours of playtime with the built-in battery that easily doubles as a viable 6400mAh power bank. The instant set-up is displayed using the Auto Keystone Correction coupled with DLP IntelliBright.

Miroir HD

The HD Projector is a viable LED mini projector created for use with different mobile devices in order to provide an HD-quality projection used for streaming and presentation. These should be readily available at the palm of your hands.

You can use our Pico projector to watch movies and share several home videos and photos in the boardroom or garage. You can also use it to mount your devices on the ceiling. This projector is long-lasting and flexible. It is also easy to connect and comes with an in-built battery coupled with batteries. The menu has a free interface coupled with an IOS compatible device. 

Miroir M200A Projector

 This projector will project various images from your device using a mini projector. It comes with a long-lasting lamp that allows you to stream movies as well as videos on a flat surface. Together with the built-in speaker, you will realize that the device reduces the demand to set up sound equipment. This projector is also durable and lightweight, making it one of the best and reliable devices to use.  

Still, it can fit into your hands and comes with an 8GB built-in memory and a unique hinged case created in a way that can raise as well as lower your images as projected. This implies that no tripod is needed. The built-in options have a downloading streaming app.  

Final Thoughts

Last but not least, we have the KODAK Pocket Pico Projector, which easily connects into any form of mobile device for a seamless screening mirroring. The simple plugin works just right, even out of your box. You will love the fact that it comes with a screening mirror and a rechargeable battery. Additionally, the tripod stand comes with an added height for stability. The remote control is included for ease in operation. It is also Mac compatible. There you have it! From our list of some of the best pico projectors, you can tell that it is easy to make a choice in the long run.

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