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Setting Up a Brewery: Here Is a Microbrewery Equipment List That Will Help You

by Isaac

Are you passionate about having your home brewery equipment and eventually starting your microbrewery business? If so, this is your piece. You probably know nothing about brewery setup, and you would like some insights.

Nonetheless, it’s your passion, and you are not allowed to give up on it, at list not yet especially if you read through this piece. When it comes to choosing microbrewery equipment, it’s confusing. But, selecting a professional microbrewery equipment supplier or a person with the business already is safe, so feel free to contact them.

So, which are the microbrewery equipment list can’t you afford to miss?

  1. Mash System

The mash system includes the electric steam generator, lauter tun, wort pump, malt mill machine, mash tank, and plate heat exchanger. You add malt together with water to heat the mixture as it prepares for the next process. You have to recirculate the mash several times over each cycle by adding water to it.

  1. Brewery System

The process is carried out in the commercial brew kettle. The mush of sugar is boiled along with hops and chosen flavor. This method allows the sterilization of the pulp, whereby the unwanted flavor evaporates, and all the solid particles are eradicated.

  1. Fermentation System

Following the removal of unwanted particles in the brewery system, fermentation stage follows. You will require fermentation tank, cooling equipment, and a device to add yeast in beer. The first two systems involve heating of ingredients for beer.

Therefore, you need to cool the element to optimal temperature before you add yeast. Remember, you are dealing with commercial brewing equipment, so you have to choose the best fermenting vessel as far as sanitation is concerned. If you are under a tight budget, opt for used commercial brewing equipment because they are cheaper.

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  1. Conditioning System Equipment

After your desired set time for fermentation is achieved, you need to separate beer from yeast. If you fail to remove the yeast, your beer will have awful taste, and you don’t want to lose customers over issues you can control. After separating the two, you need to store your beer in a clean vessel that will allow your brew to mature to your intent.

  1. Filter System Equipment

Filtering your beer is not necessary. Many companies sell their beers without filtering. However, it is better to be sure about the final product. So, invest in filter pump and diameter tank. Use the filter to get rid of residue and any solid particles.

  1. Bottling

Your beer is ready for sale. You need a bottling technique so buy a microbrewery tap to fill the bottles and cans.

  1. Control System Equipment

It is essential to prevent accidents in your brewery setup. Therefore invest in equipment and a control room from which you can halt machine movement and production.

  1. Cleaning And Sanitation Equipment

All the commercial brewing equipment need to be sterilized. Therefore, buy alkali liquor tank and washing pump.

Wrap up

To sum it up, marketing is an essential factor for your business. It is the only way you are going to get your investment back. If you follow the above microbrewery equipment list, you are set to start your business.

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