Liberty Introduces Distillate Cartridges

Liberty Introduces Distillate Cartridges to the Cannabis Market

by Isaac

There is a developing number of cannabis companies currently announcing a viable entry into the national and international stock exchange markets. As countries continue to legalize the purchase of cannabis, the industry is responding accordingly. Therefore, the legal cultivation of the product, coupled with its derivatives, is undergoing an intense market surge at once. So what should people know about cannabis and the prominent companies producing it? This article highlights the market segment of cannabis with a detailed look at distillate cartridges Liberty V9.

The Preface

Liberty is a well-known provider of quality cannabis. Recently, the company announced that it is partnering with HONEY, a reliable service provider to dispense important products related to vaping nature.

Before then, HONEY delved into a revolutionary project and ended up launching distilled cannabis vape cartridges. As of now, the two firms provide a full spectrum of cannabis-based brands, thereby creating a primary distinction between various competitors within the same space. At the same time, the two are known for merging in order to create a strategy that will reinforce growth in the market.

The available THC and CBD cannabis products are dispensed via the cartridges. These products are also free of fillers apart from being lab tested and proven to contain about 70 percent of the cannabis.

The devices offer a broad range of different benefits while delivering a precise dose of the cannabinoids. So is Liberty V9 one of the products? Yes, it is.

Liberty V9 is among the leading products launched by these two major branded firms. The cartridge pen dispenser is portable and of great quality. While clearly underrated, hands down to this indispensable product that is easy to refill.

The device comes with additional standout features such as the atomizer stem and an interchangeable mouthpiece altogether.  

Besides, the silver product measures 0.5ml by 11.2mm

With the built-in coil within the metal rod, the V9 is a high-quality machine that offers a low leak rate across the industry.

V9s come with a reliable airflow situated on the cartridge. This provides the user with a custom made vaping experience. This feature makes it sustainable, not just for thin but thick liquids.

It is correct to say that the device works perfectly with the V-mod batteries.

This must be one of the leading products in the consumer market! Its popularity is appended to the fact that it is also easy to refill. All you need to do is unscrew its top and then reach the middle rod and finally into the product.

Go ahead and screw it and voila! You should be ready to go. This cartridge is ideal for medium to relatively thick oils, such as high viscosity and extracted oil.

Final Thoughts

There you have it from experts familiar with the basics of cannabis products and their contents. Liberty V9 is one of the world’s most admired cartridges. Its users can attest to its simplicity, coupled with the affordable price it comes in. The product is also affordable can be accessed at different market entry levels.

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