How to Become a Plus Size Clothing Wholesale Distributor

by Isaac

A plus-size wholesaler is an individual who purchases clothes from a manufacturer and sells them to retailers. A wholesale distributor does not run the business in a store. Rather, they supply small businesses with the needed inventory. So, whether you operate a small brick and mortar or an online store, wholesale distributors often play a vital role in linking manufacturers and owners of clothing lines. Here is a rundown of to become a distributor for wholesale plus size clothing.

1. Earn an education of the market trends

Getting an education (even a short course) based on fashion and marketing trends can help you begin a distributor business. The knowledge acquired from the courses in fashion, design, and accounting will help you in inventory management.

2. Choose a niche you are familiar with in the plus-size market

The plus-size clothing industry is revolutionizing. The billion dollars slice in the clothing market generates a heated debate about how the market’s clothes should look. Small firms believe that they can be part of the huge production.

With the continuously growing market, it pays to know what you would like to be part of, even if you are certain that you can distribute anything. That is where niche comes in. Choose a segment of plus size clothing that you are passionate about selling. This is the best step, actually the initial step in branding yourself as a go-to distributor.

3. Work out the expected profit margin

To grow your brand as a distributor, you should track the financial data while measuring its performance. Another metric you must keep your eyes on is the profit margin. Establish if the business is going to be profitable. Also, care to contact your plus size clothing manufacturers before investing in the clothes so that you can determine the shipping costs of your product.

Over and above, it would help if you remembered to include the warehousing and incidental costs. To establish the actual amount you will be making, you need to add on the profit. Your plus size clothing business should flourish if you garner this information and determine the final cost.

Eventually, it would help if you considered whether or not the market will purchase your clothes at the price you are asking.

4. Optimize a warehouse

You could be one of the few plus size fashion retailers who sell bulky products. Others come with a catalog of several clothing brands. For that reason, there is close to no number of the recommended stocks per unit to own until it is storage time. In addition to inventory reporting, the stock will strike a balance between the right number to own and the size of stock your consumers demand. At this point, you need to optimize the warehouse to stock exactly what consumers require.

Final Thoughts


Do you want to start a career in the plus-size wholesale distributorship? You have probably been serving in the formal job sector for some time and are worried about what it takes to join the fashion industry as a distributor, the tips above should guide you. All to do is take every step at a time and learn in every situation.

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