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10 Key Factors To Consider When Choosing An Fiber Laser Engraver Machine

by Isaac

Giving a product a unique brand is a crucial marketing strategy that every business should delve into. However, to get the best branding, you need to first invest in a high-quality fiber laser engraver that will provide high-quality brands. Fortunately, there are numerous machines in the market that you can choose from regardless of the type of products you deal with. Below are vital factors you should consider when buying a portable handheld laser engraver.

  1. Marking Area Of The Fiber Laser Engraver  

As consumer products come in various shapes, it’s essential to consider the marked area before the purchase of an engraving machine. Ideally, it’s easier to choose an engraving machine for flat parts than with complicated designs. However, if you are specifically dealing with cylindrical products, selecting a hand-held metal engraving machine or one with a rotary for round objects is ideal.

  1. Fiber Laser Engraver  Resolution

Over time, there is an increase in the quality and capability of various fiber laser engraver in the market. However, when choosing, it’s essential to consider what type of material you are dealing with. As plastic and metal have different mass compositions, it makes sense that they require different engraving specifications. As expected, this mainly affects the resolution that every product needs; hence, its best to countercheck the dots per inch resolution.

  1. Specific Area Of Use Of The Fiber Laser Engraver  

As engraving of products happens on both small and large products, it’s essential to consider investing in a tool marking machine that allows you to do both. , the 3D workable able is a great choice that caters to this need. With s simple change in the focal length specs, you can mark both smaller and denser products easily.

Fiber Laser Engraver Machin

  1. Speed Of The Fiber Laser Engraver  

Most companies work on a deadline in which they have to meet to get maximum profits. Often, this brings about added pressure in the production department as a whole as they are on a tight schedule. When choosing, consider your specific lead time. Those needing a quicker branding device will find purchasing an electric marking machine an excellent addition for their company.

  1. The Fiber Laser Engraver  Power Source

To engrave your product, you need a power source to operate the engraving machine. Many machines in large manufacturing companies elect to invest in tools that require a direct source of power from the main lines. However, if you are a smaller company, you have the option of deciding whether you want to deal with wires or a battery. If you elect to choose a battery-powered device, look at specifics like the capacity and shelf life. To ensure long working hours, ensure you choose one that gives you long working hours to avoid interrupting a marking session to recharge.

  1. Weight Of The Fiber Laser Engraver  

Often, when looking for a marking machine for metal, rarely do people consider the underlying supporting device. Nonetheless, its common sense to choose a tool that can carry its weight and be sturdy enough to support any additional weight. As expected, a bigger fiber laser machine is more suitable for broader and heavier devices as they will not break under pressure during marking.

  1. Cost Of The Fiber Laser Engraver  

You can’ effectively choose the best hand-held metal engraving machine, without first considering the budget to see if it works for you. With numerous types in the market, it safe to assume that investment cost has quite an extensive range. However, every day, there is the introduction of newer, more complex engraving machines into the market at higher prices. As they come with more modern additional features, you might be tempted to invest in brand new design. Before you do, weigh the pros and cons and note if the recent model is worth the additional capital cost

  1. Safety Provided By The Fiber Laser Engraver  

Unfortunately, there is a running record of thousands of injuries sustained by people during the engraving process every year. Often, the injuries are a result of human error in which someone forgets the power of the devices and their fingers are smashed or sliced off. To avoid such tragedies in the workplace, why not decide to invest in an enclosed portable metal engraving machine. With a system that won’t work unless it’s tightly closed, you safeguard yourself and your employees from any injuries.

  1. Portability Of The Fiber Laser Engraver  

Fiber Laser Engraver Machin

If you own one more than one company and dealing with the responsibility of branding, it makes sense to use only one machine for engraving purposes.  However, unless you have the capital for transportation and storage of products, it becomes costly to engrave your products. A cheaper way of getting around this is investing in a portable laser engraver. Nonetheless, if you are only dealing with one kind of product, it’s best to choose a non-portable option as its much more durable.

  1. Detachable features of the Fiber Laser Engraver  

Sometimes the simple hand-held marking machine can’t work as effectively as a desktop option, especially in regards to precision. However, having a marking tool that can mark larger products that are hard to lift like engines is still necessary. A device that combines the best of both worlds is a detachable engraver. Unlike a hand-held option, a detachable engraver has enhanced focal feature balance and precision available in desktop options. With this, you don’t have to worry about unsightly and uneven results as it marks effectively in just a few seconds.


As seen above, the kind of fiber laser engraver that you choose is mainly dependent on the type of products that you are dealing with. For the best results, take into consideration the shape, material type, and the expected speed of branding that you desire. With this in mind, you will be able to choose a portable hand-held laser engraver that best suits your needs.



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