Different Storage Box Bins Available for Purchase

by Isaac

Storage box bins are a home’s lifesaver or any other room tight on space and need more storage. There is a wide variety to choose from depending on the size, color, and style you prefer. Click on Boite de rangement and get yourself few pieces from AliExpress. In this extract, we go through the different types of storage box bins.

Types of Storage Box Bins

1. Plastic Storage Box Bins

They are made of plastic material and mostly come with an airtight lid. Some have handles that allow you to carry them from one place to another with ease. You can get them in various colors depending on their use. If you want to put away toys in a kid’s room, it’s advisable to get colored storage boxes. They brighten the room, making it lively and colorful. Plastic boxes are easy and relatively cheap to produce; hence they are readily available in most shops. They are used for storing food, fruits, and vegetables at room temperature, kids’ toys, books, clothes, etc.

2. Kitchen Storage Box Bins

These storage bins are designed particularly for storing foodstuffs. Some are sold as a set; others are bought as a single piece. They also have lids, perfect for sealing out air and keeping the food item safe. Different designs and styles can be found, as some are tiered, perfect for items like eggs, while others only have one level. Kitchen items become dirty fast due to the foodstuff. The storage boxes are easy to clean and maintain, ensuring proper hygiene.

3. Decorative Storage Box Bins

Such boxes are mostly made of wood, painted and curved beautifully to act as a storage piece or décor item in a certain part of the house. Most of them are small in size, but you can also find larger ones. You can store pieces of jewelry inside them or any other valuable item that can fit inside. When creativity kicks in, you can stack them up or arrange them in a row, creating a beautiful design and focal point in the room. They are dusted with a dry or damp cloth to remove dirt particles, and you should avoid using water.

4. Aluminum Storage Box Bins

Unlike wood and plastic, this type is not very common. It’s made of aluminum sheets and tends to be loud and noisy, especially when it falls. However, they are light in weight, facilitating easy movement, and strong enough to bear the things stored. They are long-lasting since it’s difficult for them to break and can be reused severally.

5. Collectors Storage Boxes

This type is known for magazine storage, but it can store any book to prevent damage and accumulation of dust. Books remain organized in one place instead of leaving them lying anywhere in the house. They come with lids and are made of different fabrics, prints, and patterns.


There are many types of storage box bins; the ones mentioned above are the most common. Know your needs and the space you want to work with, then buy your storage boxes. The new designs, colors, and fabrics/materials are used to enhance the room’s beauty. Storage bins don’t have to be boring. You can have them personalized to your liking and remain functional.

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