Define the Best Shipping Methods from China to the USA

by Isaac

There are two main modes of transport used to ship products from China to the USA; air and sea. When shipping products, it’s best to use the services of a freight forwarding company. Choose a company specialized in handling shipments for both countries to get your cargo on time and at an affordable price. In this blog post, you will learn about shipping methods you can choose to ship your products. You also get to learn more about shipping from China to US cost.

Sea freight from China to the USA

Most importers who use this shipping method have the advantage of low cost. Sea freight is termed the cheapest shipping method. A ship can carry many large vessels at once. Also, importers have the advantage of dividing the costs to costs per unit. However, before choosing sea freight, there are two things to consider;

LCL shipping

If the cargo being transported isn’t large to fit an entire container, a freight forwarder you choose will assemble your cargo with those of other shippers to make sorting and differentiation easy once the shipment arrives.

FCL shipping

Shippers moving heavy cargo use this method since there’s no need to share container space with other shippers.

LCL services are cheaper compared to FCL since they don’t require ample space.

Airfreight from China to the USA

Airfreight is another method used by importers since it’s affordable.

Express Shipping from China to the USA

Express shipping is a method used by shippers who need their products urgently. Transportation is done by air since it’s the fastest form of transport. Under this process, the process gets speeded to save time. Besides, a fast courier service transports the cargo to the importer.

When transporting cargo by air, it takes a maximum of 10days for you to get your shipment since the clearance process at the airport is complicated. However, factors such as weather, season, levels of loading, and offloading determine how soon the products arrive.

Door to door shipping from China to the USA

As the name suggests, one just orders and waits for the shipment at the doorstep. The company you choose to ship will pick up the delivery and drop it off to your home. Also, they take care of the customs clearance process on behalf of their client, ensuring the shipment gets to the address on time.

An average cargo takes a maximum of 10 days to get to the USA, but a larger one takes up to 20 days, depending on factors such as season, weather, crude oil price, and the levels of loading and offloading at seaports. For this route, carriers use a direct route to transport cargo.

Final Thoughts

Shipping products from China to the USA is a process requiring patience. One doesn’t order items and get them delivered the same day. Some shipments take up to three months to get to their destination. Depending on the shipping method, one is likely to get the products within 14 days. Choose an excellent freight forwarding company to handle the shipping and delivery process for you. It’s also important to consider the products being shipped to make transportation easy.




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