What Are You Missing Out On With Custom Promo Products

by Isaac

Severally, we hear people ask the question, why should I invest in custom promo products? To many of these individuals, it doesn’t make sense to spend so much on free promotional products.

A great promotional gift (know more) doesn’t need to cost a fortune. Regardless of what type of business you run, you should invest in these items. In this post, we will show you what you are missing if you don’t. 

What you are missing when you don’t use promotional products

The idea of promotional products doesn’t work for niche industries alone. Every business, startups or existing need to make use of custom promo products if they want to grow their brands. These free promotional products are usually branded with the company’s name and logo.

With a great promotional gift, you can grow your brand in ways you may never have imagined. These items can reach places you probably never thought you would step into. Let’s show you what you are missing when you don’t make use of promotional products.


The opportunity to reach a wider market

You will be making a mistake to think that the recipient of your promotional product alone views your message. The audience you are reaching is far wider than an audience of one. So many people fall into the category you regard as your audience.

When a person collects a promotional item, for example, a tote bag, they take it home. Every person in that home comes in contact with the bag at some point. So if there are six individuals asides the person, that’s six more pairs of eyes. 

If the person takes the tote bag to work, several more people who share the same office see the bag. The audience even gets larger if the individual takes the bag on the train or to a grocery store. Promotional products are very mobile, as mobile as the recipient carrying them around.

The more people they come in contact with, the more impressions they make. This is why you should be concerned about the quality of these products and the message they carry. They make far more impressions than TV or magazine ads plus people will hardly stop to read a billboard. 

You can reach more people with your promotional products. It goes beyond reading, it employs word-of-mouth in most cases which is great for marketing your brand.

Building a more positive image for your brand

Building a positive image for any brand is not so easy. It takes several years to achieve this difficult feat and some brands never really achieve this goal. With custom promo products, you can pass messages to your clients and prospects that will improve your brand’s image.

It is important that you focus on this because with customers speaking well about your brand, patronage increases. How do you drive home your message about your brand’s values and objectives? By visiting each customer? No, you can’t possibly do that.

Your free promotional products can step into the homes of your customers and stay with them for years. You will not just create a good impression on your customers with a great promotional gift, you’ll win their loyalty. This the whole point of running publicity campaigns in the first place.

Studies reveal that with promotional products, you can get at least 42% of your customers to be loyal. Isn’t this great figure to amass without even speaking a word? With these products, you show your goodwill to your customers.

You can take a notch higher by visiting charity events and contributing to using promotional products. While these may not bring in a profit, they will build a positive image for your brand.


Happier customers

The truth is you can’t satisfy everyone every time, but you can make up for when you make mistakes. Let’s paint a scenario here. If you delivered the wrong order or there was a delay in delivery, your client will be cross.

Letting them go that way will translate to leaving them sad. This could mean they will not return, this is not good news for any business. You can make things better by handing out a great promotional gift. This is a great way to apologize for your mistake and to show them that you didn’t mean to mess up.

You don’t even have to wait until something goes wrong before you hand out free promotional products. It is always great to show appreciation for the patronage of your customers. With custom promo products, you can do this efficiently.

The truth is people will not reject these gifts. In fact, they will feel so good that you could remember to do this. The effort will always be appreciated and reciprocated with more patronage.

How do you know a happy customer? They will always return to buy more. With promotional products, you can make your customers happier than they already are.

Attract more attention to your brand

It is the dream of every brand owner that their brand will always be in discussions for the right reasons. The more people talk about your brand, the more publicity and patronage you will enjoy. The question is this, how do you get people talking about your brand positively?

Your answer is not farfetched. You can attract positive attention to your brand by handing out free promotional products. When people have your gifts in their hands, it becomes easier to sing your praise to others. 

This is experienced more at trade shows when so many businesses are trying to attract attention to their stands. Breaking the ice, especially with people who don’t know your brand, is a bit difficult. However, with promotional products, it is quite easy.

Simply hand these items to people who come around and then begin a discussion about your brand with them. Before long, they are comfortable to hear your marketing pitch and you have a new loyal customer.


The potency of custom promo products in building brand identity cannot be overemphasized. Now you see why you should invest in a great promotional gift. Share your experiences with Zigpac.

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