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7 Simple Tips For Choosing The Perfect Battery Model For Your Laptop

by Isaac

Laptop batteries, just like any other batteries, will progressively stop charging at some point thus necessitating a replacement. However, this takes years.  If the laptop battery is at that level where it needs to be replaced, you may check and identify the impending issues, including the kind of battery you need which is highly dependent on the type of laptop you have. One important word of caution is to always work with professionals suppliers such as batterieprofessionnel PC Batterie to find a replacement. Here are tips for selecting the right battery model for your laptop.

  1. Examine Your Machine

One of the easiest ways to determine the kind of battery your laptop has is to turn it off and remove the battery. Thus, you can unplug and then yank the battery out to have a look at it. Most laptop batteries have a set of printed information on them. Check the battery model, number, and type. The voltage, as well as charging current, should also be analyzed.

  1. Assess The Software

Some batteries aren’t easy to remove. Others are not marked. Therefore, certain third-party utilities may be used in determining the type of battery that a laptop should use. BatteryCare is one professional link that can be used to source out information about the right battery model for your computer. It also provides detailed information regarding the coverage needed when looking for a replacement. It’s essential to learn about your battery’s chemistry too.

  1. The PC Maker

Battery Model For Laptop

It’s essential to check the laptop maker, particularly when seeking battery replacement. This is because batteries from outside sources tend to avoid warranties. They are also not tested rigorously. Since batteries can explode, the danger can increase, especially when using off-brand batteries. It’s also important to check with the maker of your PC before ordering a replacement battery. This helps in making sure that you order the right replacement battery.

  1. The Warranty

Whether it comes from OEM or a different manufacturer, laptop batteries are pricey. Therefore, you should shop for a laptop battery that has a warranty. Most manufacturers offer a year warranty. Third-party manufacturers provide the same warranty coverage. With that said, you should evade sellers who offer less than three months warranty.  This is because you may end up using a defective battery.

  1. Check The Manufacturing Date

You should pay attention to the battery’s manufacturing date. As discussed earlier, laptop batteries have a lifespan of about 2 years. Therefore, a replacement battery that’s over 18 months old isn’t a good purchase. When purchasing online or from a third party, ensure that you’ve asked for the manufacturing date.

  1. Is It A Universal Battery?

A universal laptop battery is generic. It’s also external. This implies that it can be used with various brands of laptops. They also come in different sizes as well as specs including wattage, mAh, as well as voltage. As such, the user needs to select a suitable battery for their laptop. This means that it should be compatible with the laptop charger as well as the laptop.

Battery Model For Your Laptop

  1. The Chemistry Of The Laptop And Battery

Most laptops currently need to use lithium-based battery chemistry. Therefore, you may not be able to choose a specific chemistry type of battery for your computer. This is because it has to be of a particular type.


Now that you have the information you need on buying a new battery for your laptop, it’s time to pick the best retailer to purchase it from. When choosing a seller, consider their reputation, warranty, and price.

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